Jupiter Trailer Trash


Thanks for visiting the  home of Jupiter Trailer Trash ! We are officially back!!! 


We are all healthy and chomping at the bit to ROCK!

June 18 Saturday

Twisted Tuna 8 to 11pm

Port Salerno

July 9    7pm

Tako Tiki Jensen Beach

July 23 8pm

Conchy Joes Jensen Beach

July 30 Elks Private Party

St. Lucie

 Come out and have a blast with us at our favorite home town Tiki Bar Manatee Island Port Salerno!! !!! We expect to see all of our favorite friends at the Tee!!! It's about time don't cha think??!!  The band is back! Regrettably not until September 17...

You know we love our Trailer Trash Nation!!! Thank You!!!




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